I first learned of this preschool about 4 years ago. That was when our oldest daughter was in the preschool program here.  Now, I pull up every afternoon to pick up our third child from preschool. We came here to give our children a great Christian education, but learned that it was so much more than that.  The teachers build great trust from the beginning. I send my child here knowing that they are safe. They also build relationships, not only between parent and teacher, but between parent and child. I love going here to the special events, like the mother’s day spa.Yes, my 3 year old will happily paint my entire foot with nail polish but that bond will last a lifetime. Most important is the relationship my child builds with Jesus. Each child has come home with more knowledge about who their Savior is. I love hearing how much joy they have from knowing Jesus. This school means a lot to all of us I and recommend this school to anyone. --Samantha K.


My wife and I decided to send our daughter to Precious Lambs Preschool, first and foremost, because we want her to continue to grow and mature and learn in an environment where her Savior, Jesus, and his Word are at the center of her daily activities. Both her 3 yr. old and 4 yr. old teachers and aids have been a wonderful blessing in this regard. Not only does the staff at Precious Lambs do a wonderful job teaching the children, but is is also clear that they care for them. Our daughter has learned a lot and has had plenty of fun along the way. She loves going to preschool and is already looking forward to kindergarten at St. Paul’s. If parents are looking for a preschool where their child can grow and mature in a loving, safe, and professional environment, then we highly recommend Precious Lambs.         --Chris and Beth R.

 Our grandson has grown by leaps and bounds. We are proof that God works in mysterious ways. The lady we bought our house from has a son that went to St. Paul’s. She raved about the school. I did some research and found out that St. Paul’s has a very good school based curriculum plus they taught Christianity. St. Paul’s provides both a good school and education foundation and a good faith based education. Pre-K has a varied way of teaching. They have multiple stations to learn things different ways. My grandson’s favorite is the water table. Of course the field trips are awesome! What’s really wonderful is that the teachers are always there to talk with you and always with a smile. The biggest impact is in how much our grandson has grown!!! Its been great to see him developing. What’s an added bonus is that our family has found another family in St. Paul’s.   --Ziggy B.


Our family has had a wonderful experience at this preschool and would recommend it to anyone looking for a loving, Christian school. We liked the smaller, more close-knit school experience this school offers. It has really helped our son gain leaps and bounds academically and spiritually being here.                               --Vanessa C.


We heard about Precious Lambs preschool from a friend.  She just raved on and on about the teachers, the facility and the curriculum.  I thought she could have been exaggerating a little.  That was before I met the director.  My son fell instantly in love with her when his favorite song came on the radio and she sang it with him!  We have truly been blessed to send our son to Precious Lambs.  He has loved every minute of it.  The teachers are genuinely interested in each child’s social, spiritual and educational growth.  My son is always singing a prayer or song that he has learned at school.  Not only does he sing it, but he understands what the song is about!!  Since starting preschool, he always has a song in his heart and on his lips!  
The teachers are so patient.  I’ve had the privilege of watching as they allow the children to figure things out on their own, instead of rushing in to correct how they are doing it.  Whether it is a puzzle or rhyming words or just learning to write their last name.   These teachers listen to the children with not only their ears, but their eyes and hearts.  They encourage our children to live out the bible lessons they have learned about in class.  Even when my child has needed correction for his behavior, it has always been done with love and kindness.  My son has never felt that he is ‘bad’ or that his teachers are ‘mean’ to him.  He understands what he did and why he shouldn’t have done it.  He absolutely adores his teachers, and has loved learning everything he needs to know to be a ’big kindergartner’  and as a Mother, who could ask for anything more!!
- Daryl & Margie
I can’t say enough great things about St. Paul’s Lutheran School! We moved here from Maryland, and originally our son Grant was enrolled at the local public school, where he was not thriving.  He was not being challenged academically, there were numerous classroom distractions, and he was having a hard time making friends. We moved him to St. Paul’s for the second semester of the school year, and what a difference it made! His teacher was so loving and welcoming, but was also firm and had high expectations of him. She manages her classroom beautifully, and keeps the children on task and working hard throughout the day. She is a dedicated teacher, and works very hard for the students.  I’ll never forget after the first day of school, Grant came home and told me that he was “worn out” from all of the school work that they did, but then shared with me that he liked working hard!  Although I initially had concerns about a multi-grade classroom (his was in a combined class of  2nd, 3rd and 4th graders), I think it worked out  to his benefit, because he learned at a higher level on many subject areas. I was amazed at how much they covered in his class!
It made me very happy for my son to be studying the Bible, and to be practicing the principles learned on a daily basis. The “trickle down” effect that it had on our family was great, and brought about many great discussions at home.  Grant shared many wonderful prayers  and lessons that he had learned with all of us.
Our youngest son attended the preschool, which we were also very happy with. His teacher is patient and loving towards her students, and is very passionate about what she does.  There is nothing more wonderful than hearing your four-year-old say grace, or recite a special prayer before bedtime. He learned many of these, and of course benefited from a wide variety of topics and lessons in reading, math and science.  I feel that he is well prepared to enter kindergarten next fall. The faculty members of St. Paul’s Lutheran School are loving and care a great deal about the success of each child that attends the school.  Issues are addressed promptly if they come up, and the school is run in a very professional manner. I highly recommend it! We wish we could take St. Paul’s back to Maryland with us, as the families and faculty have become like our extended family during our stay in Florida. Thank you, St. Paul’s for such a wonderful experience and keep up the great work!
- Erica H.
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." ~ Matt. 19:14