Our Philosophy & Goals
Our Philosophy of Education

We believe that God created human life to be developmental and that the educational process must nurture the development of the whole child.  The classroom environment must be flexible in allowing children to go through the predictable stages of growth and maturation on individual timetables, and also allow for the unique characteristics, learning styles, and family experiences of each child.  Children are active learners and learn best through concrete, quality play experiences which are facilitated through purposeful planning and modeling by caring adults.
Program Goals
Through their experiences at Precious Lambs Preschool our children will:
Spiritual Development
  • know Bible stories
  • know who God is and that he cares about us
  • know who Jesus is and what he’s done for us
  • know that they can speak to Jesus in prayer
  • understand that there is certainty after death
  • know there’s never a problem so great that we can’t handle it
  • know that they are never alone
Social-Emotional Development
  • understand their feelings and express them in words
  • demonstrate growing independence and confidence in their abilities
  • develop responsibility for themselves and their environment
  • show curiosity and a desire to learn
  • learn to play, work, and communicate with peers and adults
  • show love and respect for all people
Cognitive Development
  • expand logical and mathematical thinking
  • acquire problem solving skills
  • make choices and plans, and bring them to completion
  • gain knowledge and concepts about the world
  • develop in their ability to understand language and to communicate
  • develop an interest in books and reading in various ways
  • demonstrate writing in various ways
  • use creativity and imagination
  • appreciate and express themselves in art, music and movement
Physical Development
  • learn to care for their own bodies
  • develop good nutrition habits
  • observe safety precautions
  • use large motor skills with confidence, control and coordination
  • refine small motor skills by using small muscles
    -to coordinate eye-hand movement
    -for self-help skills
    -to use drawing and writing tools  
Family Development
  • grow together as a family
  • draw closer to other families
  • share in maintaining a partnership between home and Precious Lambs Preschool
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." ~ Matt. 19:14