Testimonials from Parents


My son was always a straight A student.  He had challenges with ADHD, but it never really affected his grades until he hit middle school.  The large environment and constant changing of classes (7 times) was just too much of a change for him.  We asked repeatedly for some kind of help for him, but never rec’d any.  He was ‘falling through the cracks’ and we knew we had to do something different.  He complained constantly of headaches, stomach aches and begged us to let him stay home from school.  We were desperate to find a place where he could begin to have some successes again.
At St. Paul’s we found such a place.  He was in a much smaller class, so the student teacher ratio was a huge advantage for him.   Someone was always available to help him when he needed it.  His teacher and principal were aware of some areas he might struggle in and worked with our son and us to find workable solutions that we all could feel good about.  The open communication kept us aware of what he was working on and how he was doing.  At one point in the school year, he was struggling in math.  Instead of him having to live with constant frustration, we (his teacher, us and our son) were able to make changes to his curriculum to make sure he was getting a solid math foundation.  
Overall, our son went from being a child who hated school and school work to a child who likes school, takes pride in his school work and is growing by leaps in bounds in his faith and character.  He has been able to have a year of personal successes.  He is back on the honor roll and feels really proud of what he has been able to accomplish and not one single ‘stomach ache’ this year!!
- Daryl & Margie

I can’t say enough great things about St. Paul’s Lutheran School! We moved here from Maryland, and originally our son Grant was enrolled at the local public school, where he was not thriving.  He was not being challenged academically, there were numerous classroom distractions, and he was having a hard time making friends. We moved him to St. Paul’s for the second semester of the school year, and what a difference it made! His teacher was so loving and welcoming, but was also firm and had high expectations of him. She manages her classroom beautifully, and keeps the children on task and working hard throughout the day. She is a dedicated teacher, and works very hard for the students.  I’ll never forget after the first day of school, Grant came home and told me that he was “worn out” from all of the school work that they did, but then shared with me that he liked working hard!  Although I initially had concerns about a multi-grade classroom (his was in a combined class of  2nd, 3rd and 4th graders), I think it worked out  to his benefit, because he learned at a higher level on many subject areas. I was amazed at how much they covered in his class!
It made me very happy for my son to be studying the Bible, and to be practicing the principles learned on a daily basis. The “trickle down” effect that it had on our family was great, and brought about many great discussions at home.  Grant shared many wonderful prayers  and lessons that he had learned with all of us.
Our youngest son attended the preschool, which we were also very happy with. His teacher is patient and loving towards her students, and is very passionate about what she does.  There is nothing more wonderful than hearing your four-year-old say grace, or recite a special prayer before bedtime. He learned many of these, and of course benefited from a wide variety of topics and lessons in reading, math and science.  I feel that he is well prepared to enter kindergarten next fall. The faculty members of St. Paul’s Lutheran School are loving and care a great deal about the success of each child that attends the school.  Issues are addressed promptly if they come up, and the school is run in a very professional manner. I highly recommend it! We wish we could take St. Paul’s back to Maryland with us, as the families and faculty have become like our extended family during our stay in Florida. Thank you, St. Paul’s for such a wonderful experience and keep up the great work!
- Erica H. 
"The LORD is my Rock." ~ Psalm 18:2